Vag tip of the week...

Guess who's bizaaaaccckk..
(Yes read that in your Jay-Z/Scarface/Beanie Sigel voice)
That's right I'm back with some more helpful vaginal tips.  Just like my last post, this one is a root that has a direct affect on the vagina, and incorporating it into your meals is soooooooo easy!
Kinda of like when Bubba was talking about how many ways you can cook shrimp on Forest Gump..  Welp you guessed it, Sweet Potatoes are the SAME way!!
You can bake them, fry them, dice them, season them, sauté them, make tater tots like Napoleon Dynamite (Gosh), mash them, scallop them, make french fries, or even hash browns, make a power bowl or even Sweet Potatoes Pie!!!
I can go on and on some more but I'll let you get creative because there are also many different types and colors of sweet potatoes.
Orange Sweet Potatoes (Not a Yam)
White (Hannah) Sweet Potatoes (my fav, but hard to find)
Japanese Sweet Potatoes 
Purple Sweet Potatoes
Garnet Sweet Potatoes
Jewel Sweet Potatoes
  • Rich in Beta Carotene
  • Vitamin A
  • Strengthens Uterine walls
  • Protects Uterine walls
  • Helps with fertility
  • Helps with reproduction for men as well
  • Helps with fetal development
  • Great source of Fiber
  • Great source of natural minerals (manganese, potassium)
  • Good protein, and carbs
  • Great source of B6
  • 77% water (EAT your hydration!)
The perfect baked Sweet Potatoe
Olive oil
Brown Sugar
Preheat oven to 425, rub your sweet potatoes with a pinch of olive oil in your hands, place on a cast iron skillet (or any pan), let roast for 45 minutes or until soft to the touch.  Take out of the oven, cut it open, add your butter and brown sugar, mix well and enjoy!
Power Stuffed Sweet Potatoes
Olive oil
Sea Salt
Black Pepper
Raw Honey
Bake your sweet potatoes as above.  Slice in half and fully gut after roasting.  Place cooked potatoes in a bowl and mix with butter and set aside.
In another bowl gut your avocado, add a pinch or two of sea salt and black pepper and mash/mix well.
Combine sweet potatoes and avocado mix.  Once you have a smooth consistency, drizzle some honey and mix well.  Take a large spoon and scoop your mixture back into the Sweet potatoes skin, Let it roast in the over for another 5-8 minutes in the oven.  Take them out and let cool, drizzle with honey and enjoy!
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